"JAGRUTI" ChevronConveyor Belt, JREPL-CCB-1

Application : Carrying wet or loose, sand, grain material in bugs. The V Shaped chevron cleats prevent or reduce slide back.

    Features :
  • Can carry loose materials at angle of 17-18 and bagged material at 30-35.
  • Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return Ilders.
  • Cleats and the top cover rubber are mono block molding for strength.

RC Feeder Conveyor Belts JREPL-RCFCB-1

RC Feeder Conveyor Belts JREPL-RCFCB-1


Usage :
Used mostly in coal feeder machinery in power generating systems and measuring scales in cement factory.

    Features :
  • The fang structure prevents coal powder or lumps from scattering.
  • "V" guide are designed at the bottom of the rubber to ensure constant route.


"V-Con" cleats are designed with proper rigidity to preclude excess backward bending due to gravitational force exerted by the material loaded in the cleats. By seeing critical application, we have modified our all type of cleats with Synthetic fabric, reinforcement to avoid tearing due to material gravitational force. Type 'T', 'K' and 'TKS' charts are reinforced with metal fastners through side wall.

z1 Type 'TKS' Base width mm Suitable HT.of side wall mm
TKS 75 75 90
TKS 90 110 110
TKS 110 110 120
TKS 140 150 160
TKS 180 150 200

Type 'K' Base width mm Suitable HT.of side wall mm z2
K 75 75 90
K 90 110 110
K 110 110 120
K 140 150 160
K 180 150 180

z3 Type 'T' Base width mm Suitable HT.of side wall mm
T 35 80 40
T 55 80 60
T 75 80 80
T 90 110 110
T 110 110 120
T 140 150 160
T 180 150 200
T 200 150 200

Conveyor Accessories
Rubber for any size of conveyors.

Jagruti Prominent Range Of Special Belt
    Jagruti Prominent Range Of Special Belt
  • Special Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt for railway.
  • Filter belt for chemical industries.
  • Gravimatric feeder belt for cement industries
  • Catterpiller Belts for Cable Industries.
  • Surface Miner Belts for Cement Industries.
  • PVC Cleated Hygienic Woven Belts for Biscuit Industries.
  • Polishing, Chamferring & Gangsaw.
  • Belts for Marble & Granite Industries.
  • Endless Belt for Roller Coater Machine for Lather Tanneries.
  • Wagon loader & bag divertor belts for cement & fertilizer industries
  • Hygienic belts for food processing
  • Jointless belts for road paver plants
  • Pipe Extrusion Belts for Rigid PVC Pipe Industries.
  • Light duty conveyor belts for packing industries
  • Magnetic separator belts for cement & thermal plant
  • Conveyor belt for road construction
Carrying / Return / Impact
    Services :
  • Belt jointing & repairing at works at customers site.
  • Maintenances of conveyor system.
  • Designing of any conveyor systems.
Embossed Rough - High Grip

Embossed Rough - High Grip


High Grip used for high inclination, pattern transfer to avoid slide back problem. Used in Paper Industries.

Side Wall Conveyor Belts JREPl-SWCB-1

Side Wall Conveyor Belts JREPl-SWCB-1

Side-Wall-Conveyor-Belts-JREPl-SWCB-1Application : Belt can be used at a steeper angle up to 75 than was previously possible for the volume movement of powdery and lumpy materials used for zero silage.

Steep Angle Belts

Steep Angle Belts


Used for Carrying material on steep angle up to go with no spiliage space requirement & quiteless as compared to convertional belts.

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